Begin Again

Silly heart,why didn’t you take notes when i said he was just another wretchedness waiting to nip you?

That he was just another catastrophe laded like a fantasy.

Couldn’t you stanchly brace yourself from the pain of knowing him?

The way he made you feel the beauty you longed to be.

Oh heart, why did you get keyed up beyond measure to endure what you had warily gated long back?

Mustn’t you had the nerve to muster your wayward thoughts that welled nothing but love

Perhaps you wouldn’t have reckoned heartbreaks as an undervalued conviction.

But hush darling! Don’t you hear my lifeless heart reeking in pain?

Still calling out your name as its greatest hello and saddest goodbye.

Off the dust honey,can’t we begin a beginning ?

Can’t we begin again like we have seen the Sun rise afar the darkest hour?

Can’t we begin again like we are the sole stars that shine bright above in the sky?

Can’t we begin again like we are the bearing of an ocean that never gets drained of kissing the sand?

Can’t we begin again like we are nothing but strangers presaging love?

Can’t we begin again like we are art that are hung on vaulted walls epitomized for its splendor?

 Can’t we begin again like we are atoms scheming the gist of life,vocalizing love from warped wits?

Can’t we begin again like we are sanity and lunacy wrapped into one fine speck of wonder?

Can’t we begin again like we are life and death kissed into need,unhurried?

Can’t we begin again like we are admissions of guilt never meaning to be told again?

 Oh darling, can’t we begin a beginning like we saw  the end of us?



Love Me Like You Mean It : A Poem 


Love me like I’ll forget the difference between bliss and terrain every time you fondle me with your placid hands.

Love me like I’ll overlook breathing whenever I dotingly take a glimpse of you.

Love me like you’ll never get tired of my insanity even though the fear of oblivion overawes your vigor.

Love me like I’ll not think twice to deem heart breaks as nothing but a hyped recline.

Love me like I’ll embrace my cavernous wounds and fragility, with a heart which is glinting with a newfound joy.

Love me like you aren’t afraid to let yourself descend to the bottomless chasm of hell, just to keep me with you.

Love me like I‘ll get butterflies in my stomach every time I burrow myself in your chest.

Love me like I’ll be reminded what fairy tales are made of, whenever I see you.

Love me like you’ll forge myriad truths to never let me go.

Love me like every utterance of your name will taste like honey in my mouth.

Oh darling, love me like I’ll never forget that I’m worthy of love.