The Earth Needs Saving Too

We had forests replete with lush trees whose branches hugged the skies. Animals and birds lived there wild and tangled. In the tranquil silence, Earth thrived and healed itself. Men never forgot their roots and lived the old fable of their ancestors. But as time passed, we became so wrapped up in ourselves that nature’s […]

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My Covid Experience

For someone who was dotingly looking for an excuse to have her exams postponed, I am by far, in the wrong for having had rejoiced when a strange illness struck some remote part of the world. Little did I know that in no time, my pursuit of contentment at such bizarre affairs would come to […]

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Meeting Death

When I die, bury me in like a seed; my tomb- a shallow thing dug into the seashore by sun-burnt children’s sticky hands. As my atoms come undone, the wind will carry me like dandelions- in springtime that shimmer like seashells on a distant shore.   While I’m at it, bring me no flowers to […]

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Knowing Me

I hide skeletons in my closet They are death sentences that plunge knives into my heart They are judgements that translate probable rejections Every lessons I take wrong Edges that have never been levelled .. Self sabotage, my sterling weapon That fashions my insides into a grave That buries me alive And my lingering spirits […]

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The Child Of The Wild

They often say that I was born with kite strings⁣ in my hair, the tuft of moonlit sky entangled ⁣ in the name of teeth, That I was born with⁣ warmth of summer and plentitude of spring.⁣ I have petals for skin that sheds in a striptease⁣ for autumn. I have mangroves growing ⁣ between […]

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Names And Flames

When I was 10,⁣ I wanted to know ⁣ what my name meant.⁣ Every name had a meaning;⁣ And I just couldn’t wait to know mine⁣ ⁣ So I rushed to my abba seated in his janamaz, hands folded in prayer⁣ At the sight of me restless, ⁣ he beckoned me to the safety of […]

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Fight Till You Make It

This is to you who feels like your existence is a speck in this world. This is to you who lose sleep over the emotions lost in translation and the unspoken passive voices that hang in thin air. This is to you who look up at the sky and see nothing but darkness. This is […]

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A stifled Antigone

You toss me on to bed The way one would throw discounted riches on to a gambling floor My legs wound into exactness of a four poster bed The pair of frailties dangling loose like the legs of a divider placed at length to measure the lexis of an eulogy You force yourself on to […]

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A Voice Regained

Everything seems to move around in circles now. My pen failed to wend words for the longest time. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn into months and I am left wondering if the art of it is lost on me. Like the feelings of your past lover. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I seem to have swallowed words […]

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The Stars Come Home Tonight

Sometimes we make home out of monsters and call it love.  We lock ourselves in rooms where the doors and windows shut behind us with its frozen centre. You’d want to linger there because you would’ve been promised the warmth of a thousand splendid suns. The very eyes that made love to you would turn […]

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