Love Me Like You Mean It : A Poem 


Love me like I’ll forget the difference between bliss and terrain every time you fondle me with your placid hands.

Love me like I’ll overlook breathing whenever I dotingly take a glimpse of you.

Love me like you’ll never get tired of my insanity even though the fear of oblivion overawes your vigor.

Love me like I’ll not think twice to deem heart breaks as nothing but a hyped recline.

Love me like I’ll embrace my cavernous wounds and fragility, with a heart which is glinting with a newfound joy.

Love me like you aren’t afraid to let yourself descend to the bottomless chasm of hell, just to keep me with you.

Love me like I‘ll get butterflies in my stomach every time I burrow myself in your chest.

Love me like I’ll be reminded what fairy tales are made of, whenever I see you.

Love me like you’ll forge myriad truths to never let me go.

Love me like every utterance of your name will taste like honey in my mouth.

Oh darling, love me like I’ll never forget that I’m worthy of love.