The Epic Platter Of Inspiration : Anything And Everything You Need To Be Reminded To Master The Art Of Surviving



Oh honey, how that my body can’t take any more loathing for you to presume they’re at fault for all those disgrace that is to befell on you!

How long will you pretend not to notice every cell in your half deceased body beseeching for consideration?

It might sound loutish, but I’ve grown irate and restive to your self inviting misery and wretchedness.

You might carve up your collected misfortunes and wear it like a badge on your frayed garb.

But when you sullenly dwell in that self erected hell, bait not with me with that imposed warp.

Oh darling, do I need to instruct you twice to go pick up your guise from that devil sick of indulgence?

And sweetheart, you needn’t at once oil your train of thoughts, to boldly pass a blow to their truth corrupted faces when they arrive with that lame old lie.

“You’ll never make it “They say? Big deal.

They say things won’t work out in your favor when you are mouthful of air? Bullshit.

They want to see you broken, bowed shoulders and teary eyes; when you’re more than ready to paint the solar system on the back of your hand? Go figure.

Let them denounce and assess who they think you are. But you, you, my dear friend wear their revulsion and doubt like war paint on the dawn of your triumph. Yes, I get it. You’re normal and impulsive, messy and awkward, unsure and hushed, totally weird and bat shit crazy and so many things you can’t remember the words for.? Yes. I get it. I really do. But believe me when I say these are the things that will make you a hideous mastermind like none other in this muffled world.

So tell me. Tell me now!

Will you still shoot me with your fleeting looks of aloofness..

If I tell you to believe in your heart, once and for all?

If I tell you to stop choking on the pride that was served to you on a platter of sabotage disguised as ‘inability’?

If I tell you to let your teary eyes for ones glisten with glee when you see yourself on the top of the world?

And lastly, if I proudly ask you to start building your fucking empire?

I know it won’t be as easy as dancing your soul out in the rain.

But I’m positive that it is right.

And who knows?  It might even seat itself in the frontage of all the paramount judgments you’ll ever make; be the inspiration that your masterpiece seeks.

And when you set out your wings to finally soar to unmatched splendor, I implore you to do that unmistakably and without fright.  Let that be done with a heart amenable to change

Yes princess, with all that being said, I believe that you will conquer the world on your own terms. Just like I did.

For, Your dreams are your revenge.




The Little Girl


And in the silence that surrounded her, she kept thinking how long she had to bear it all, bear the pain that kept wounding her soul everyday. But sitting alone in the wilderness that kept her company, she couldn’t but complain for she was growing accustomed to her twinge.

She wondered whether her life would’ve been any different if she let others peek-a-boo at the glorious battle which she kept fighting every day. But she knew she had no turning back , she was yet to slide in to eternity. The pain of her heart was rhythmic to the slow yet tenacious downpour that fell. But she felt numb, cold even . And as she waited for her last breathe , it dawned her that she was just another Hennessy in a tea cup.

And so she woke up from a dream which she thought she never could. The glory was met with the new dwindle of hope that evaded her soul. Cause she was the little girl who was yet to turn her dreams to her revenge. The girl with small hands and big eyes who never stopped asking for more. And yes, she was more than ready to paint the solar system on her back. Or so a phenomenal end .