Maybe Someday

You were a maddening mystery that I would have dotingly been on my knees to decipher. Oh honey, would it daze you to know that your unrivaled  gallantry, conjured faultlessly by the best of swindlers, barred me from itself? It seemed to me that the facade you devised to hoodwink naive eyes, were never meant […]

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Begin Again

Silly heart,why didn’t you take notes when i said he was just another wretchedness waiting to nip you? That he was just another catastrophe laded like a fantasy. Couldn’t you stanchly brace yourself from the pain of knowing him? The way he made you feel the beauty you longed to be. Oh heart, why did […]

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Confess : A Tale Bound To You

Loving her was not something you perfected, but how that she beats herself with blame for not making it easier for you. Oh darling ,how  that it is her curse to write about you but never see you again.? She’s sorry that there was a storm within her even on the sunniest of days. Sorrier […]

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A Beautiful Redemption

And in the silence that surrounded her, she kept thinking how long she had to bear it all, bear the pain that kept wounding her soul everyday. But sitting alone in the wilderness that kept her company, she couldn’t but complain for she was growing accustomed to her twinge. She wondered whether her life would’ve […]

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