It Ends With Us : You And Me

And when the lights leisurely faded into faultless oblivion, he offered her his hands like one would have offered wings.  The one she accepted almost too willingly like she was untaught to do anything but that. For, in her reasons she knew that with his heart beating by her side, they would slither past everything […]

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Begin Again

Silly heart,why didn’t you take notes when i said he was just another wretchedness waiting to nip you? That he was just another catastrophe laded like a fantasy. Couldn’t you stanchly brace yourself from the pain of knowing him? The way he made you feel the beauty you longed to be. Oh heart, why did […]

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Love Me Like You Mean It : A Poem 

Love me like I’ll forget the difference between bliss and terrain every time you fondle me with your placid hands. Love me like I’ll overlook breathing whenever I dotingly take a glimpse of you. Love me like you’ll never get tired of my insanity even though the fear of oblivion overawes your vigor. Love me […]

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