Begin Again

Silly heart,why didn’t you take notes when i said he was just another wretchedness waiting to nip you?

That he was just another catastrophe laded like a fantasy.

Couldn’t you stanchly brace yourself from the pain of knowing him?

The way he made you feel the beauty you longed to be.

Oh heart, why did you get keyed up beyond measure to endure what you had warily gated long back?

Mustn’t you had the nerve to muster your wayward thoughts that welled nothing but love

Perhaps you wouldn’t have reckoned heartbreaks as an undervalued conviction.

But hush darling! Don’t you hear my lifeless heart reeking in pain?

Still calling out your name as its greatest hello and saddest goodbye.

Off the dust honey,can’t we begin a beginning ?

Can’t we begin again like we have seen the Sun rise afar the darkest hour?

Can’t we begin again like we are the sole stars that shine bright above in the sky?

Can’t we begin again like we are the bearing of an ocean that never gets drained of kissing the sand?

Can’t we begin again like we are nothing but strangers presaging love?

Can’t we begin again like we are art that are hung on vaulted walls epitomized for its splendor?

 Can’t we begin again like we are atoms scheming the gist of life,vocalizing love from warped wits?

Can’t we begin again like we are sanity and lunacy wrapped into one fine speck of wonder?

Can’t we begin again like we are life and death kissed into need,unhurried?

Can’t we begin again like we are admissions of guilt never meaning to be told again?

 Oh darling, can’t we begin a beginning like we saw  the end of us?



The Little Girl


And in the silence that surrounded her, she kept thinking how long she had to bear it all, bear the pain that kept wounding her soul everyday. But sitting alone in the wilderness that kept her company, she couldn’t but complain for she was growing accustomed to her twinge.

She wondered whether her life would’ve been any different if she let others peek-a-boo at the glorious battle which she kept fighting every day. But she knew she had no turning back , she was yet to slide in to eternity. The pain of her heart was rhythmic to the slow yet tenacious downpour that fell. But she felt numb, cold even . And as she waited for her last breathe , it dawned her that she was just another Hennessy in a tea cup.

And so she woke up from a dream which she thought she never could. The glory was met with the new dwindle of hope that evaded her soul. Cause she was the little girl who was yet to turn her dreams to her revenge. The girl with small hands and big eyes who never stopped asking for more. And yes, she was more than ready to paint the solar system on her back. Or so a phenomenal end .